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Free Courses On Blogging and EdTech

For Educators, By Educators

This course guides you step-by-step through the process of setting up a class blog and blogging with your students.

A Personal/Professsional Learning Network (PLN) can help you connect and learn from others. This course shows you how to get started to build connections using Twitter, hashtags, blogs and curation tools!

There are so many benefits of blogging for teachers! Learn how to create your own personal/professional educator blog.

Our Blogging Bootcamp self-paced course is designed specifically for your students to guide them through the process of setting up and using their blog. Ideal for both primary and secondary students.

The Teacher Challenge series is supported by Edublogs and CampusPress – WordPress For Education.

See the best school websites powered by WordPress in 2020.


This has been a great opportunity for me. I would have never been able to set up a blog in less than a month if I didn’t have this course. I will be forever grateful!

Theo Selby

High school English teacher, New Hampshire, USA

I have created blogs for my students to use, but I never blogged for myself. However, it has been a dream to start and maintain a personal blog. I have learned so much from your course. I appreciate this opportunity.

Tracy Vogelgesang

Elementary teacher, Western Wayne Elementary School, Indiana, USA

One thing I’ve realized through this is I put building a PLN on the back burner. With everything else that teachers have on their plates, doing something for yourself is “something that can wait”. However, me pushing this off for “later” means I’m missing out on all of the amazing sharing that’s going on!

Debra Dele Crews

2nd grade teacher, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Lexington, South Carolina

…blogging has been the best way for me to teach writing in my grade 8 ELA classes. I’m completely sold on this practice and hope to continue learning and adding new ways of utilizing blogs for my students.

Carly Black

Middle School Teacher Ashland, Ohio

Excellent course which I recommend to both new and experienced bloggers! Learning about this fantastic course has reignited my passion to spread my message to the world about the importance of Physical Education for our youth. I will recommend this course to everyone who even mentions the word blog.

Lee Mayes

Physical Education Specialist, Nanjing International School

Thank you so much for this course! My blog is so much better than it would have been otherwise. This was so easy to follow, but I learned a lot!

Angie Brand

Preservice/substitute teacher, Iowa, USA

I’d lost my blogging mojo to the short-and-sweetness of Twitter and Facebook in the last few years. The Personal Blogging course reminded me of how useful blogging is for reflection and documentation of my personal practice. It’s well laid out and easy to complete.

Josianne Fitzgerald

School librarian, Cairo American College

Having a PLN is a must for every educator. I have become a connected educator and I can learn from others

Tiziana Angiolini

Secondary teacher of English and German, Italy

This course started me at the very beginning and got me well on my way to building a Professional Learning Network. It is very exciting to connect with knowledgeable people many thousands of miles away, something that would not be practical in-person. Thank you Edublogs!

Lydia Rogers

MA Adjunct Professor, Communication Director of Product Development for CCRI's Radio Station CCRI.edu/radio Community College of Rhode Island, USA