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In conjunction with all of the great resources available during Connected Educator Month, we’re running the Edublogs Teacher Challenge Blogging with students and Personal blogging series as weekly tasks for a month from Oct 14 to Nov 14.

Regardless of where you are at — if you are new to blogging or been blogging awhile — we’ve included advice and tips that will help get you started or extend your blogging!

Teacher Challenge Series

The weekly tasks

Each week we will publish a weekly post with tasks for you to complete during the week.  You can choose to work through the weekly tasks from:

  1. The Blogging with students series which will guide you through the process of class and student blogging
  2. The Personal blogging series for those that want to set up their own personal or professional educator blog.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about blogging – and be there to help answer any questions along the way.

Each week we are adding the best and most interesting blogs, or posts, published to our Teacher Challenge Magazines.  All you need to do is remember to fill in the form at the bottom of the Challenge Blog weekly post.

You can read how we use Flipboard Magazines in our Student Challenge series here.

Week 1 – Blogging with students Tasks

This week we want those participating in the Blogging with students series to complete the following three steps:

Extension activities for those with an existing class blog: 

Week 1 – Personal blogging

This week we want those participating in the Personal blogging series to complete the following three steps:

Publish a post on what you learnt in Week 1. For example, tell your readers what you found easy, what you found hard and what you would like someone to help you with.

Extension activities for those with an existing personal blog: 

Weekly task submission

Want to be featured in the Flipboard Magazine for this week’s activities? Fill in the form below to be in the running.


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  1. i’ m very sad , i can’t find my way to make a blog , please guide me and show me the way.i will be very glad if you send tutoriel videos . i ‘m very weak in informatics.
    many thanks.

  2. I am a technology specialist in an elementary school. My students do not have email accounts. How do you recommend addressing the issue of student participation in a class blog?

    Thank you,
    Allison Caron
    McGlynn Elementary School

    • Hi Allison

      If the students are only participating by leaving comments on posts than the better option is to get them to submit their comments as logged out users and deselect the option to add email address in Settings > Discussion. The students will still see the email field in comments and you just need to tell them not to add their email.

      If you want students to publish their own posts, or have their own student blogs, then the best option is to set up their accounts using the gmail+ method. How it works is you create one gmail account for your class. For example, mathiscool@gmail.com or room16@gmail.com. Then you use your one class gmail account with the gmail+ method to create each student account. Gmail ignores any letters and numbers you add after a + sign and sends all emails to the one account while our system thinks each is a unique email. So for example, you might use room16+emmasblp16@gmail.com, room16+liamwblp16@gmail.com and so on for creating their usernames and gmail will send all emails to the class gmail account room16@gmail.com