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Our blog rules_Lomoart_1

In order to get the best in communication, potential connections, interactivity and  learning outcomes blogs need to be ‘open’ for the world to read.

Therefore it is crucial to set up guidelines, codes of conduct and rules for both teachers and students  to maintain a safe environment for all. Digital citizenship rules come into play, plagiarism issues need to be discussed and appropriate digital footprints  developed.

It is important that every class blog have a page devoted to Blogging Rules and Guidelines. This may also include cyber safety.

Here are your  Challenges:-

a. Check out the Beginners’ Challenge – Setting Up Rules and Guidelines post then:-

b. Write a post on any of the following:-

  1. My blog rules!
  2. Being a Responsible Blogger!
  3. Etiquette in Blogging
  4. From the Voice of Experience – How to develop Guidelines for Blogging
  5. Responsible Blogging

c.  Find five other blogs in this challenge and leave a comment.

d. Participate in the Discussion Question for this Challenge.

Extension Activity

  1. Add a page to your blog outlining your blog rules, guidelines or code of conduct
  2. Convert your rules/guidelines/code of conduct into an animated presentation using  eg slideshare, prezi etc


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  1. Our two week autumn school break is with us so I am trying to catch up with this challenge. Here is my post on Blogging Rules at http://murcha.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/4073/ (I forgot to add a title to the blog post and published it before I realised. Therefore it has a weird url. Apologies!)

    • Hi Anne, nice post on Blogging Rules! And I always worry about accidentally clicking send before I’ve finished.

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  4. Here’s the link to my post for this challenge titled Breaking the Blogging Rules, hope you like it – would love to hear some feedback on my rule-breaking!

    PS – I cannot post a comment on the discussion – can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong – sorry I can’t participate there!

  5. Hi, I wrote a post about netiquette and commenting guidelines. Within that post are links to my pages for students. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’d appreciate any constructive criticism. 21st Century Digital Citizenship


    • Marsha, I love your Xtranormal video! Very clever and appropriate for making around President’s Day. You have to believe that, at least the first time, it will be more fun and interesting to watch than to read the text. Thanks for sharing. I subscribed to your very helpful blog! Good work. Denise

  6. This post was tougher than my first on this challenge because I don’t have a class. It’s fantastic that the options provides enough flexibility to allow people like me to still participate in the challenge.

    Here’s my post: Rules are rules which looks at my own rules as well as what I’d do to set up rules if I did have a class and a class blog.

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