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Those of you who subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog will have received a few emails over the past few days notifying you of new posts; and you may have noticed that some of the post titles are similar.

We’re currently updating both of our blogging series and are publishing new posts as part of the update.  We’re taking what we’ve learned from the previous blogging series — remixing it, adding content we didn’t include but feel we should have and making sure all our examples of how blogs are being used are still relevant.

We’ve decided to update both blogging series at the same time as it is easier and this is why the titles are similar.

Unfortunately we forgot that we had email notification set up on this blog.

So we’re deactivating email notification, after this post is published, while we update the series and will activate it again once we’ve completed the update.

And for those of you who are subscribe by RSS you now know why the post titles are similar.  You weren’t seeing double!

Below is a quick outline of what will be covered in the latest version of each series.

While both series look similar the content for each series has been customized depending on if you are setting up a class blog or personal/professional educator blog.

We’ve just published the posts on ‘Step 1: Set up your blog (or class blog)’ and Step 2: Set up pages.  Key changes on ‘Step up your blog’ are we’ve now included how to upload your avatar, change settings and provided examples of how educators customize their theme to personalize it for their situation.

Blogging with student

Guides you through the process of class and student blogging.

Personal blogging

Guides you through the process of setting up your own personal or professional educator blog.

Is there any thing else you would like to see in these series?  Or any other ideas you have.

Sorry again about the multiple emails and we’ll let you know once it is finished.

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