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Yet more great posts to read and comment on. Often you have to remember to right click on the person’s name and open in a new tab or window. Because I always set my links to open in a new tab, you only have to click on the names in my posts.

Posts for the earlier challenges – please visit these new bloggers and leave comments

Ellen, Mieke, Denise, Asli, Ms Z, Joanne, Karen, Ms G, Jodie, Ashley, Lyn, Beth, Kim, Mieke, Ashley, Tammy, Jennifer,

Tools for the classroom

Emily, Jana, Jodi, Ms H, Judy, Pam, Louise, cswetavage, Kim, Ms K, Ashley, Dorene, Ginny,

Blogging with students

Ms Swift, Mr C, Tracy, Mrs S, Kim, Aimee, DebbieAnn,

Interesting posts to read

Shawn, Mrs A, Michael, Ms Z, Mrs T, Asli, Ellen, Reba, Elaine, Karla, Aimee, Kim, Tracey, Rhonda, Serge, Amy, Jeanette, Leslie,

Embedding media

Malyn, Kevin, Anna, Mr Riley, Penny, Janelle, Christy, Jana, Anne, Lyn, Ruary, Nancy, Claire, Denise, Kathy, Aimee, Glenda, Penny, Pam,

Widgets and sidebar

Christy, Vanessa, Britt, Anna, Mr Riley, Lydia,


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog also! I love blogging, and I am trying to get students hooked.

    Does anybody have any tips on how I can assign them to post or comment without out making them feel like it is homework?

  2. Thanks again for the mention. I have come to rely on video in my classroom and have learned that embedding the video into the blog really does help. Bottom line with video is that you need to find a program that you feel comfortable using. I like windows movie maker a free download. imovie is good as well as photostory.

  3. Thanks for the two mentions of my blog. This challenge has been amazing in what I have played with and the new bloggers I have added to my Google Reader.

  4. Help please! I am new to edublogs and I am having a very frustrating thing happen. When I mouse over a word in my published post, there are ads attached to random words. How do I stop this? Is it a feature of edublogs? If so, I do not want to use the blogging service and will move to a different service to host my blog. Thank you for your help.

  5. Thanks for posting my blog again 🙂 Through your challenges I have learned to reach another audience and try out new tools along the way..thanks again

  6. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I, too, have been learning so much from this challenge and it has been instrumental in motivating me to think about the value of blogging not only for myself but my students. Thanks again!


  7. Thanks again for mentioning my blog. It has been really valuable for me to participate in the blogging challenge because I have been able to reflect on the different purposes of blogging and learn more about aspects that I have avoided. It will begin to be even more of a challenge now that I am back at work!

  8. Thanks for the two mentions. Embedding media is my favorite challenge so far because it was so much fun! I can’t wait to try all the other ways to embed media.

  9. WOW! Thank you again for the love and mentioning me here! I’m really enjoying these challenges, they’re motivating me to keep up with my blogging, and I really look forward to it!

    Kim: http://eduquests.wordpress.com

  10. Thanks for the mention about my blogs, but I wanted to clarify the “Denise” links above. I recently made a new blog for the home page of my students’ blogs. At the beginning of the challenge, I was all mixed up in what my purpose was and how to execute it. I’m starting to clarify that now, and I’m transitioning into having a teacher blog and another page to organize my student blogs and post assignments. The Denise link in the first section is a new blog, but it’s a second one for me. Thanks to everyone and to the organizers! I have learned so much!
    http://mrsdkrebs.edublogs.org – teacher page
    http://krebs.edublogs.org – student main page