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WOW! I can’t believe how quickly some new bloggers have got into the swing of blogging.

Many are writing about their personal journey learning about new web2.0 tools, others are starting class blogs and yet more are creating blogs with resources for other teachers to learn from. Whatever you have chosen, it is YOUR VOICE that is coming through. Keep up the great work.

Remember to visit other blogs – you know how you appreciate it when someone visits your blog or you get a new red dot on the clustrmap. One way to expand your readership is to leave comments everywhere.

So here are some more great posts to read – think I might have to publish these a couple of times each week.

Time now for me to write my answers to activities 2 and 3 – I am way behind the ballgame at the moment. Tuesday January 18 at 10pm

Posts about tools to use
Tyler, Michelle, Jane, Karla, DebbieAnn,

Hints and tips on blogging

Lois, Kerry, Carla, Drew, Michael, Elaine, Tracey,

Questions to ask your blog

Mieke, Michael, MrsS, Tammy, Carole, Nancy, MrsE,

Passion posts

Grace, MsH, Claire, David, Shelley, Shawn,

Effective posts nominated by our bloggers

MrsW, MrsMcE, COVA, Pam, Natasa, Prast, Anne, Kathy, Paula, Kirby, Richard, Denise, Carla, Vivian, Karena, Tammy, Marg,

First posts in challenge

MrsD, MrsB, Kathy, Lorie, Gail, Tammy, mskirwin, MrsB, Jee, Heather, Tania, Lara, Tia, MsMaychak, Tracy, Lucia, MrsEmpson, Lucia, undefined, Aimee, Jodi,

Writing regarding  pages but not actual ‘About’ pages

Britt, Kirby, ChristyMarsha, Theresa, Janelle, Elaine, Lydia, Paula, MrCarson, Kathryn, Denise, Kevin,


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  1. This is actually from Lucia
    Hello, my name is Lucía, I am 43 year old, I am a teacher for 20 years. I’m from Trenque Lauquen, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I created this blog as an assignment for a course I did. I think I will continue now.
    In 1994 I had access to my first computer and internet a few years later.
    I have always served as Counselor Education, Teacher recuperating, teacher education colleges, within the Department of Psychology and School Social Assistance.
    Since 2002 I started to train as a trainer of teachers in the use of technology and really excites me.
    I have created many blogs as communities where teachers are recording their learning, but never had a personal blog. My work has been moderate and suggest tasks and reflections.
    I invite you to browse (they are in Spanish):
    (I created this blog for the Scout group to which I belong, I have not been able to update)
    What was hard and what was easy about setting up a new blog?
    I think the most difficult part is having enough time and creativity to keep it alive.
    What do you need to remember to share with students or fellow educators who are setting up their own blog for the first time?
    I am interested that the students know the scope of the privacy of the blog set according to user needs.
    If you have had your blog for a while, what do you wish you would have known when you were starting out that you know now?
    I think I should have a clear goal for the blog.
    I am really excited with the challenge!! Thanks!!!

  2. I can not post my responses for the activities (conversations). The antispam word does not allow me to participate. Please help me!!!

  3. Dear Miss W,

    I am really enjoying the challenge.
    I am looking forward to connecting with others, learning from others and having fun.
    Happy blogging everyone.