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One more week to go and there were plenty of posts about images, creative commons and embedding media. Hope you are still having fun, despite the frustration when making errors.

Think about what the kids are feeling when they first try a new activity!!

From challenges 1 and 2 – please visit these posts of our new bloggers

Albert, Jenn, Mrs B, plinkous, Gill, Ms H, selig3, Marleigh, Kim, rgugliuz, Leslie, MrsRN, Ms Z, Asli,

Images and copyright

Tabitha, Marg, Claire, Russell, Kelly, Denise, Scott, Michael, Jodi, Mel, Yvonne, Amy, Micki, Nancy, Anne, Kay, Mrs H, Andrea, cswetavage, Sandra, Karla, Anna, Pam, Dorene, Laurie, Natasa, Mr Carson, Carol, Oona,


Leslie, Mieke, Jess, Gill,

Avatars and identity

Michael, Scott, Heather, Kim, Laurie, mshitzges, Mrs S, Albert, Michelle, Gill

Tools to use in classroom – media to embed

Ms H, Marg, Nancy, Miss W, Britt, Kay, Russell, Luanne, Melissa, Carol,

Interesting posts to read

Vanessa, Michael, plinkous, Mr Riley, undefined, Luciana, MrSimpson, Kathryn, Anna, Ruary, Louise, Amy, Sean, Scott, Asli,

Embedding media

undefined, Lydia, Kay, Laurie, Glenda,


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  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I’m still trying to find more band or music teachers who are blogging with their kids, I hope they can see the educational value in it, even if it doesn’t involve playing an instrument!

  2. I feel just like a kid! I am so excited that some of my posts were mentioned this week because I was sad last week when they weren’t. I think the feedback and connecting that this blog challenge has inspired has made me a MUCH more committed blogger! 🙂

    Thanks for the pat on the back,

    • I agree with you Laurie – I was happy to see my name on the list!!! I also agree that receiving feedback and comments makes me a more committed blogger!

      Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks again for the mention of my blog in the weekly round up. As an update to that post my Technology Administrator for the district is giving a lecture on cost cutting in technology. He is usung my dropitto.me presentation to show other districts a way to save money. Locally in the district many teachers have asked me to show them how to use and set up a dropbox account. Thanks again to all participants in this challange. I have a long list of sites to use and new blogs to follow.

  4. Congratulations to all the bloggers this week! I’m really enjoying reading all the posts.

    Thank you Miss W for mentioning my blog in the above categories. My blog is my baby so it makes me very proud to be on this week’s list.

    • Hi Amy,

      Your blog may be a baby, but I very much appreciate your post about copyright. You are an engaging writer. I loved your “creative confusion” logo and the analogy comparing an imageless-post to tea without sugar.

      On my post about copyright I mentioned the tip you shared with us in a comment about how to filter images in Google to find creative commons images using the advanced feature. Now I’ve also added 2 links that you provided in your post. Look for a pingback!