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Another group of great pages to visit. Each link will open in a new window. Hope you are all enjoying the challenge – two more weeks to kick start your blogging then we start looking at blogging with students.

Effective blogging

Laurie, MrRiley, Jee, Miss W, Yvonne, Carole, Tania, Kim, MrRedman, Anna,

First post in challenge

Lyn, Beth, Sandra, Jodi, Jane, Anna, Judy, Hailey, Leslie, Allison, Christine, Lindsey, Seligstars, CFairman, Crystal,

Cleaning pages

Carla, Kay, Carol, Anne, Stacy, Andrea, Marg, Malyn, Carrie, Emil, Jana, Glenda, Jee, Miss W,

Tools to use in classroom

Christy, Lauren, Jodi, Cory, Dorene, Luciana, Tracey,

Looking at avatars

Britt, Kathryn, Janelle, Lydia, Christy, Theresa, Andrea, Kay, Emil, MrsMcE, Jee, Claire,

Looking at Google reader and subscribing to blogs

Jennifer, Rachel, MrRiley, Claire,

Reflecting and about me

Jenni, Jenny, Anna,


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  1. I am really enjoying learning new skills through these tasks and am keen to connect with other Bloggers. My Blog is an experiment – I have changed the appearance three times now and am enjoying looking at the examples given so that I can get more ideas. Welcome to Judi’s Blog 🙂

  2. Like the format of the above post. Can’t visit every blog so have just been concentrating on the avatar ones which have proven very helpful. Thanks for making the links open in a new window. Saves time!

  3. Hey guys, i have been following the challenge and reading up on everyones blogs and learning a lot. I am a first time blogger myself but i have not yet done any of the challenges. Feel free to check out my blog.

    –Hopefully you can get some useful online tools for your classroom from this blog. Only early days so as time progresses there will be more.


  4. Thank you for including my blog as a link to visit!! 🙂 I am really enjoying the opportunity to blog more and meet other bloggers. Thank you for taking time to do this for us blogger! This challenge is definitely giving me many ideas on how to teach my students about creating their own blogs.
    –Jee Young

  5. Hey there. Thanks for the mention above I really appreciate it. I have really enjoied the blogging challange and have found some great blogs to follow and add to my reader list. I think there are some great blogs involved in the challange and I have learned a lot. Thanks