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posts are heartbeat

Blog posts can be likened to the heart beat of a blog. They determine the health of the blog, its status and future. It is the most important element of the blog. Therefore, those who wish to improve their blogging skills need to consider how to write effective posts. What makes an effective post?  (See some suggestions at Nine signs of an effective post)

Choose one of the following and write a blog post to share:-

  1. Provide a link to an effective post from a blog you have found (preferably not a post you have written). What is it about this post that makes it effective? What characteristics do effective posts share?
  2. Five steps to an effective blog post (or choose your number of steps)
  3. Five effective blog post ideas

Then please:-

  • Add appropriate categories and tags. Make sure one tag is #ksyb Consider other tags eg effective_ blog_posts, what_makes_effective_blog_posts etc The search engines will pick up on these tags and drive more people to your blog.
  • Add a comment back to this post with the link to your post. (See extension activity)
  • Find at least three other bloggers in this challenge and comment back on their post. Add a question where possible to keep the conversations going.

Extension activities

If you haven’t joined in  before, it is not too late to either complete this challenge or previous challenges.  Look forward to reading the second round of posts.


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    • Wow, that is a great picture of your ideas coming together, or growing, I guess is more like it. What is a glogster? I like the name.

  1. Hey, I am already learning something new. This will be my first time to link inside a comment.

    Write it and they will come*

    PS I edited it for you, Drew – Miss W. We have been having the same problem with a lot of the embedded links in comments.

    • Elaine Willis
    • I love how your page looks like a notebook, how did you do that? Its great!

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  3. Here is my post, Inspiring, Moving Blog posts in my blog. I am now in the eastern part of Indonesia, the internet connection is very slow here. I won’t be able to do all the challenge. Hopefully when I am home next week I can catch up 🙂

    • Hi Hardi thank you for being part of this challenge, when you face so many digital challenges yourself. We would love you to join in, if and when you can.

  4. G’day bloggers,
    I think we are getting errors in linking in comments because some people are putting a space in the URL”> between the ” and >

  5. I’ll try the HTML linking procedure this time. Hope I do it right. Thanks Sue W. Thanks Mrs Yollis.
    As in my previous comment I have posted my ‘Effective Blog’ post.
    My blog is
    Digital Dewey
    You can find my blog post at
    Puzzled by How to Write an Effective Blog?

    PS Pam, I made some changes – hope the links work now – Miss W

    • Natasa,
      The http: was missing for some reason, so I have corrected it for you and it should now work. Also noticed that the URL for the post ended in a / and that caused a problem as well.

  6. I’ve had to dig a bit deeper into my very dormant writing and analysing skills this week to really think about the elements of good posts – something I’ve never really thought about before. This task has made me very aware of how people may react to my blog and I have learned a number of skills from reading other peoples’ blogs with this in mind.

    When I read a blog now, I look at the style in which it written as well as the subject matter. I think about why I enjoyed (or didn’t) the post. In my own writing I will try to be aware of and improve a number of the skills I discovered. Even the person whose blog post I discussed (George Couros), commented that this was a skill he was trying to improve on.

    My blog is Digital Dewey

    You can find my blog post at Puzzled by how to write an effective blog?

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  8. Here are my thoughts on good posting. And also my attempt at linking text…hope it works! There are so many amazing blogs out there. It’s report card time here and I’ve been doing a good job of finding other things to do on the computer!

    • Hi Carrie, the link took us to your blog but with an error message. I hope this link will take people to your actual post:- Effective posts

  9. I wore myself out blogging, and now I’ve run completely out of steam–so much so that I think a coherent response here is out of the question! You would think that after pounding the pavement (or linoleum, rather) all day at school, no one in their right mind would stay up until 1AM doing extra schoolwork. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must officially not be in my right mind. Please check out The Diaries of a Mad Linguist and let me know what you think.

  10. A Good Post
    The second challenge (only short to make up for the first looong one. My first real excuse to play with Comic Touch on my iPad too.

    • Kevin,

      I like your post and tried to respond on your blog. It didn’t like me. So here is what I would have said.

      It reminds me of a book that I read about using multimodal interactions and the act of reading is embodied and disembodied depending on who is doing what. I am probably not making much sense. However, Sigrid Norris wrote a book called Analyzing Multimodal Interaction. Norris describes the process much better. Maybe it is a book that you could get online.

      -Mrs. Berry

      • Hi
        Thanks for commenting. Your comment did go through at my blog, but it was in my moderation bin.

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  12. OK,

    I have finally caught up and completed my second post. I didn’t like the idea of being behind from the beginning!

    I have completed my second post for the challenge, 5 ways to boost your blog. Rather than thinking of ways to do this myself, I must admit that I cheated and used the ideas of the kids I teach!

    Check it out here


    • Thanks Mel for using your student voice. They are such innovators and have great ideas for blogging and in fact, all areas of learning.

  13. I’ve tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. None accept the spam word I type, so here’s my discussion comment from the DQ conversation page:

    I like how-tos to help with learning the strategies, processes, and technology use with students. A great site is Silva Tolisan’s Langwitches Blog which I wrote about here: What Else- Challenge 2

    Thanks to Miss W and Mrs S for sharing Miss Yollis’s blog. I’ll use that. Another blog with advice about helping students is:

    Marsha Ratzel Blogs

    Marsha Ratzel Blogs 2


    • Hi Sherri, This morning I also had problems getting the antispam word to work. I was getting really frustrated, because, as per usual, I had forgotten to copy my comment.
      I also tried a different browser to no effect. So, I cleared the cookies and cache in the browser, refreshed the page and was given a different anitspam word. It then worked. Hope this helps you.

  14. Any idea as to why I get a ” at the end of my link? I copied the code from the edublogger, but can’t seem to get it to work.

    In the meantime, visit here: http://bit.ly/gzeInX

    I know this one works. Sorry for the extra postings

    • Hi Michael,
      I checked it again. You didn’t put the http: in front, you started with // instead.

  15. To me, there are some universals in effective posts but much of my evaluation depends on context. Come see if you agree with my judgment?
    http://goo.gl/3P71C I’d love to hear your ideas.


  16. Hey!

    I tried my best to decide which characteristics were more important to create an effective post.
    Look at my blog! And don’t forget to comment 🙂

    • MrDCarson, I don’t know if it was just me but I had trouble opening your blog post link. If anyone else has the same problem. Try this link to A Climb to a Better Post

  17. Even though I have a large number of blogs that I subscribe to on Google Reader, there are some blogs I make a point of reading regularly. The blog that I analyzed in this challenge’s post is easy to read and to the point, plus she offers great advice which I love to try out in my own classes. My post can be found at my blog: 71 Slide Rules. Enjoy!

    • Here is a link to Scott’s blog post, as I could not get the link provided above to work. An effective blog post
      If others have this problem, you can usually get to the blogger’s post, by clicking on their avatar or image.

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  20. Well this little activity kept me busy. See my post about it at The Carpetbag

    I hope I inserted that link in the comment right:)
    I am looking forward to doing some more but for now I have mum duties to perform.

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  22. Here is my post about another really good post. Really, he has a really good blog, so it is worth checking out!

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  24. Hi Murcha
    I have chosen a blog and described why I feel it is an absolutely superb example of a quality blog… but I don’t think I did a proper job of linking when I wrote the comment on his blog. Will have to check your out your instructions again tomorrow. My blog is http://freddiefrog.edublogs.org
    Many thanks Oona

  25. Check out my post for the Kickstart Your Blogging Challenge Activity 2: Effective Posts at Technoscience. I look forward to reading some great blog posts!

    • Great post. I agree with the qualities of effective posting that you chose. I like the way you incorporated the color green into your text. It was visually pleasing.


      • Andrea Nichols
    • I agree for sure about your “personal” criteria- whether it’s voice or personal experience, it’s important to connect on that level with readers. I try to do that as much as possible even though, with mine being a resource blog, it can be hard sometimes.

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  27. Wow! That was fun! I am looking forward to reading about the blogs and posts that others enjoy and respect. I hope this linky-thingy works ’cause here’s my post!