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My post in a wordle
My post in a wordle

The advanced teacher blogging challenge is to encourage experienced bloggers to continue to post regularly, improve the quality of their blog, increase readership, allow further networking and importantly, to learn together. It offers a unique showcase reflecting individual knowledge, approaches, experience, wisdom and hindsight of experienced bloggers. When we write reflective and informative posts on similar themes to the beginners and share with each other, we build a rich community and supportive network.

In this, the challenge #1 you will:-

  1. Write a post on one of the given topics below
  2. Add an appropriate category(ies) and tags. Include the tag  #ksyb (for easy searching of participating blog posts).
  3. Write a comment back on this post, telling us where we can find your post (increase readership, network)
  4. Visit the Discussion Question for activity one to reflect on your experiences with getting started with blogging.
  5. Complete the extension activity (if you have time).

Choose one of the following and write a post.

  1. Ten questions to ask my blog – Take on the role of reporter and ask your blog ten questions, documenting the responses from your blog eg When did you start? Why did you start? What is your most exciting moment? Where does your future lie? etc
  2. “Life as a Blogger” or “My life as a blog!”
  3. 10 things you should know about blogging

(The following could be considered:  how, when, why the blog started, sources of inspirations, nature of posts, top hints and tips, future goals etc)

Extension Activity:

  • add a graphic or image for greater effect (ensure they are original, acknowledged creative commons or royalty free) or
  • add a wordle of key blogging terms or
  • “Your post in a word cloud” – Highlight your post, copy the text, paste into wordle, add the resultant image to your post. (See the wordcloud at the top of this post, it is a summary of words used in this post.)

Please comment back if you have any questions, topics to share, your blog post links etc


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  1. Great challenge. I had never taken the time to insert an image in my blog. It took a second to find where to set the spacing, so the words did not butt right up against the image. Thank you for the brain stretch.

    • Christa, have you told us where your blog post is as there are others who would like to visit and read it. If you get the chance, reply back here.

  2. Well, I couldn’t leave a comment in DQ. I’ll put it here.

    Starting up the blog isn’t the hardest part for me. I have troubles sticking to it and as Istryker commented I think it is hard to write interesting enough to be sure you attract some readers every now and then.

    I agree with somebody else that wrote about to be sure that you have the right settings for privacy, langauage and so on. That is an important thing to check, so that people can read and comment.

    I also find it hard to find out exactly what I should focus on, I find so many topics interesting.

    • Hi Anna, I find so many things interesting too. A blog is ultimately yours and should reflect your personality and passions. Therefore having lots of interesting things on your blog would be reflective of you and your interests and would cater for the interests of many others.

  3. Hello All! I have started my blog and hope to add more meaningful content by the end of this challenge. I am using it primarily to gather resources for teachers from other teachers. I have commented on the dq page and have created a wordle. My link to my blog is: http://teachertricksandtrades.blogspot.com/ Please drop by and tell me your thoughts!

  4. “Plunging in deep” is an experimental blog to see if I can spare the time to put my own elearning into a blog. Usually I have been developing my skills on the youth class blog:
    http://2ycroydon.edublogs.org and
    http://nintijane.edublogs.org/ to a lesser degree (practicing the web2tools)
    Enjoy learning and starting the challenge late, also mentoring if needed.

  5. When weblogs first came out, I used a blog to describe characters of a story we were reading. I would post a question about a certain character and assign each student to comment on the question. I am a Spanish teacher so, of course, this was all in Spanish. Then what I did was I copied all of the posts and pasted them into a document but got rid of the names. We critiqued the comments and corrected any grammatical errors that were present in the post. It was a lot of fun and I would like to start something similar to this again. I am excited about this challenge and look forward to sharing this experience with my students.

  6. I’m also off to a late start, but I have just completed the first activity. Like Heather Davis said, I am not a beginner, nor am I advanced, but I did decide to participate in the advanced challenge for activity 1. My blog is http://mendezmathmatters.edublogs.org. I have decide to use this blog for my reflections and while I continue to use my class blog http://everythingprealgebra.edublogs.org with my students. I am very excited to try new ideas and improve my blog.

  7. I am off to a late start . . . happy to see I’m not the only one! I have had a teacher/class blog for a few years now and my kids blog regularly. Lately, I have been toying around with creating a professional blog. This blogging challenge came at just the right time!

    For my first blog challenge, I wrote about my journey as a blogger in an effort to remind myself about how I got here. It’s amazing how comfortable I am blogging with my classroom and school community, yet terrified about starting a new blog! I’ve spent every spare minute getting my new blog up an running. Here’s my blog post: http://diwithtech.blogspot.com/2011/01/life-as-blogger.html

    Classroom blog: Looking Glass (aimeeb.edublogs.org)
    My NEW blog: Doing it Differently (diwithtech.blogspot.com)

    • I love the title of your class blog and your NEW blog. Welcome to the challenge!

  8. I am trying to utilize blogs to increase writing, and excitement over classes. So far when I have tried to incorporate blogs into my curriculum the students do not seem to like doing them. I would like to learn how to get them excited. They tell me they do not do this in their private lives and that they do not see the sense of them. I have also done them in online classes that I have taken and really did not see that it added to the quality of what I was learning. I know many people LOVE them and I am hoping to change my views as well as my students. Here is what I have done so far:

    • How interesting that your students say that they use blogs and social networking in their personal lives and don’t see the sense in them. Assume that means for their subject or course. Perservere with this as more and more businesses are finding the value of blogging.
      Did they give you any deeper explanation? What do they like to use in their course? Do they use laptops?

  9. Getting a late start on the first week’s challenge. Although I’m new to blogging, I chose to follow the Advanced path during the challenge. I chose the interview my blog activity for week one. You can find my post “Interview With Sports Blogustrated Model Ima B. Post” at http://jimthorpevft.edublogs.org/2011/01/16/interview-with-sports-blogustrated-model-ima-b-post/ Thanks for visiting! This is a classroom blog I created for a virtual field trip creation project about the World’s Greatest Athlete: Jim Thorpe.

  10. I, too, am a little late to the party. I already had something similar to this as one of my “blog pages,” so I will dive in to the next question. I am looking forward to starting further conversations with all of these techy-teachers.

    • Hi Michael, you might consider adding the link to your previous post here anyway.

    • Hi Carla, you are never too late. Great to have you on board.

  11. I know I’m late, but I decided to participate in the challenge!! I was so inspired by all the people are joining and writing great things in their blogs through the challenge!

    I wrote about my life as a blogger…


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  13. Hi there, I am not sure where to classify myself as a blogger. I am not a beginner and certainly not advanced but somewhere in the middle so I decided to do one of the advanced section tasks.

    You can find the blog post “Life as a Blogger” here.


    I actually did a Wordle for the blog post and was really please how it turned out as it is the first time I had officially created a Wordle. I had read about it but it is blocked in China which is where I live so I have not really used it. Unfortunately, when it came time to import the Wordle into my blog post I could not figure out how to do it. I copied the HTML that Wordle gave me and changed the post to HTML settings and pasted the code in but it just stayed as code. I finally deleted it as I was getting frustrated. Any suggestions????

    • Heather Davis
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  15. I just posted “my life as a blogger” at:


    I did manage to get a wordle in there. Fun! But couldn’t manage to figure out how to get a better size. You can click on the image to see in a new window, but not ideal.

    Anyone else struggle with Wordle size?

    ps: tip: copy your comment before typing the anti-spam word, I often get them wrong and can’t figure out why, and then I sometimes lose my comment when I am given a new anti-spam word, I outsmarted them this time 🙂

  16. OK! This WORDLE design can be a real inspiration for children learning English as a Second Language.
    What an easy and colorful way to inspire creeativity along with language skills! I intend to use this technique learned from TEACHER’S CHALLENGE to enable students to design banners and learn vocabulary.

    • Norma, and everyone else, it took me a while to learn this feature on Wordle. If you want to make a phrase, use a tilde ~ between words with no spaces. (like this: helping~verbs) It comes in handy for writing first and last names together or any phrase that your English language learners will need. Here’s an example of a Wordle that has the spaces. http://mrsdkrebs.edublogs.org/2010/04/15/helping-verbs/

    • I also had trouble with the DQ antispam word. What I wanted to write there was:
      Like others also, the hardest part of getting started was titling and the URL issue- you have to commit as people said to the URL, because if you change it, you end up with a new blog, and lose readers! It was otherwise pretty easy as I had made student blogs on Blogger and Edublogs previously, and had blogged personally some years at LiveJournal. I hear what people are saying- topics for blogging can be a struggle. It’s a good idea to keep a list somehow of potential topics, being liberal with what might work. Being a reader of other blogs is always good to provide inspiration!

      Sorry to be late on this challenge!

  17. HI,

    Well I have started, a little late I know but it is holidays!

    I actually split this challenge into 2. I talked about how I came to be a blogger in the first post – My Life as a blogger and did a word cloud in another post – My blog as a cloud. In the latter one I actually used tagxedo and explained it as an alternative to Wordle.

    Now to catch up on the next challenge!

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  19. I replied to several people on the discussion blog, until I realized the site was not accepting the antispam word I was entering each time. It just wouldn’t recognize it. So here is my response:

    What was hard and what was easy about setting up a new blog?
    Easy: Playing around
    Hard: Purpose integrated into design with guidelines for us
    Fun: Organizing the design with the purpose in mind

    What do you need to remember to share with students or fellow educators who are setting up their own blog for the first time?
    Let them know to be patient with themselves, but to just do it. Play around for awhile. Try things.

    If you have had your blog for a while, what do you wish you would have known when you were starting out that you know now?
    I don’t need to be an expert. Kids love learning with me.

    • Hi Sheri I added your comment in for you on the discussion forum. That anti spam word can be so annoying. Have you tried opening up the blog challenge in another browser eg google chrome or firefox, or are they the ones that you use? Let us know if it persists as someone else had the same trouble.

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    • Hi Stephanie, I wrote the challenge and I struggled too to get 10 points. However, I made it in the end. 8 points will be great anyway.

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  24. Hi, I started my blog last December. I plan on following the postings for the challenge and I am interested in any comments that you might have. The welcome link (under my profile info on the left hand side) will give you an intro to the site and me. http://www.greatlakes.ws

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  26. Hi everyone. I’m excited to be part of the challenge. My blog post is entitled 10 Ways to Use Your Blog and it can be found at

    I look forward to reading your blogs!


    • Andrea Nichols
    • Well done Andrea – I really like the way you have added examples of and links to each of the different types of blogs. Keep up the great work.

  27. My blog is beginning to catch on at my school and some colleagues have asked me how I created my site, if I could help them, make suggestions, etc…and I felt unprepared to do so. Taking part in this challenge is allowing me to challenge myself while also offering a way to get them started in the right direction…overall having a positive impact on our school…Thanks for offering this challenge!

  28. I teach Chinese language in middle and high school.

    I have blogged a lot before, just not on being a teacher. That topic has kind of stumped me, but I think this challenge may change that. So, I am doing both the beginners and the advanced challenge. I have two new posts on my blog as a result.

    Feel free to visit: http://teachinghanyu.blogspot.com/

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