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This is the 20th post in the “30 days to using the best of the web’s free tools for educators” series. Be sure to subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog by RSS, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter to keep up with future challenge posts as they are published.

This guest post is written by LearnBoost’s Meredith Ely.



At the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of:

  • LearnBoost’s free all-in-one gradebook solution
  • How LearnBoost is innovating in the education technology space
  • Where you can get more information about LearnBoost


LearnBoost empowers with a free all-in-one online classroom management solution so they can track student grades and progress, create standards-aligned lesson plans, generate beautiful analytics and reports, and organize their schedules from a central dashboard, all while integrating with Google Apps. Teachers can share academic progress and attendance with parents and students using the safe and secure student and parent platform. For more about LearnBoost’s features, watch the brief tour video or take a gander at the feature pages.

Take the LearnBoost Tour! from LearnBoost on Vimeo.

What makes LearnBoost different? In brief, LearnBoost’s all-in-one technology, “freemium” business model, and vision set it apart from other gradebook providers.

All-in-one: With a free account, teachers can effectively manage every aspect of instruction. From planning and grading, to attendance and scheduling, to reporting and sharing with students, using LearnBoost’s gradebook gives teachers more control over administration so they can do what they do best – teach!

Free: LearnBoost has a “freemium” business model, which means that the all-in-one gradebook solution will remain free for the majority of users, and down the road, schools will be able to opt to purchase premium features.

Intuitive: LearnBoost seeks to deliver outstanding and intuitive technology to educators around the world, while saving schools millions of dollars in software costs annually. To this end, we focus heavily on ease-of-use and intuitive functionality.

Challenges Task

In all of the posts on this blog, there is always a ‘challenge’ for the readers. Since we have tried to build out the least challenging, most intuitive gradebook software out there, this could be tricky. I challenge you to sign up for a free account and spend just 2 minutes exploring the features. Next, send me a short blog post at meredith@learnboost.com about how you see LearnBoost changing education – from the classroom to the landscape at a high level, your choice. If your thoughts “wow” our team, we will feature you on our widely read company blog! And, by the off chance that the LearnBoost experience alone doesn’t captivate you entirely, send me an email to share your questions and suggestions!

Be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments below here as well!

Help & Tips

For extra support, LearnBoost has a Help Center that answers frequently asked questions. It’s loaded with helpful videos and screenshots as well as Getting Started Guides for Teachers, Parents and Students, and Google Apps administrators. Also, built right into the program is a “Feedback” tab where users can send the team notes, questions, and suggestions as they think of them. The whole LearnBoost team also delights in getting user feedback and inquiries directly via email at support@learnboost.com.

Extend and Discuss

The LearnBoost team not only cares about creating a wonderful product and an amazing user experience. We are truly passionate about education and we are vested in cultivating inspiring learning environments for children around the world. We go to conferences, read legislation and news, host events, write an interactive blog, and talk with teachers daily to keep us on the right track. Something we often encounter is a tension between data-driven “reformers” who envision a highly accountable, assessment-based education system and “reformers” who value creative expression, social-emotional development, and student-initiated learning.

So, in what camp are you? What is your vision for education? Are standards and creative expression mutually exclusive?

Leave a comment and let us know!

About the author

A Teach For America alumna, Meredith Ely is now the Community and Marketing Manager at LearnBoost, a fast growing, venture capital-backed education software company with a social mission to bring positive reform to schools. She holds a BA in American Studies from Stanford University and an MS in Early Childhood Education from Dominican University.


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  1. When I get ready to print individual reports I don’t see all assignments listed. Why?

  2. Hello people. Has anybody tried excelgradebook? It has saved me a lot of time organizing my students’ grades and it uses Microsoft Excel so it is extremely easy to use. I really like how the wizard sets up my grade book perfectly for every class and allows me to get one click pdf reports for students basically doing everything automatically in Excel. Its really cool and you can find it at http://www.excelgradebook.com

  3. My dashboard is constantly unavailable. This makes it impossible for me to access my grade book (to check and add grades), and attendance (to take attendance). It says it is timing out. This occurs at least once a week. My grades are due for progress reports at the end of this week. I cannot wait. How can I get access to my grades?

  4. I just set up my classes and input my first sets of grades. Learnboost certainly does seem intuitive so far. I used to use Teacher’s Toolbox and loved it. I have not been able to find other software that enables me to give 50% weight to quizzes and 100% to tests. I am close on this by using 33.25 on quizzes and 66.75 for tests.
    I love the running average and the options for detailed individual reports!
    The one thing I wonder is how something so awesome can be free!

    Thanks, Learnboost!

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