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We have had a fantastic response to the first activity in our ‘Kick start your blogging’ challenge. Lots of participants have been leaving comments in the discussion tab; many others have been responding to those comments.

But maybe you want some more one-to-one help. This is where a mentor will come in. As you can see from the mentor signup page, we have about 30 people from around the world prepared to help answer your questions.

So, we will be allocating a mentor to every five participants who sign up on the Google form below. The spreadsheet created from the form will then be embedded on the mentor page. You will be able to see who else your mentor is helping. Email addresses will be given to the mentor but will not be published on the embedded document.


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  1. I like the idea of having a mentor for all things education however I do not feel that you should limit yourself to 1 individual. Blogging is about networking and sharing ideas. If you see a blog you like send an email to the host and tell them what you like about thier blog. Follow them, and they will probably follow you and give some feedback as well.

    • G’day Mr Riley,
      The idea of having a mentor is knowing there is someone who has experience with the blogging platform you are using who might be able to help you with just that one little niggling problem you keep having. We are still recommending visiting other blogs and leaving comments to keep conversations going.

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  3. This will pretty cool

  4. Is there a place where we can list everyone’s blog for this challenge?

    • Jessica Tipton
    • Jessica,
      If you look at the mentors page, there is a list of those who are asking for help. But no, we haven’t created a separate page with a list of all participants.