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Apprenticeship bloggers
Apprenticeship bloggers

This is the fifth activity  in the” 30 days to get your students blogging” series.

A class blog has a number of purposes, one of which might be to serve as a training ground for:-

  • teachers  who are new to blogging
  • students who are new to blogging
  • young students
  • as apprenticeships for students  before allowing them to have their own personal blog

Tasks for this challenge:-

a. Read the post for the beginner’s challenge

b. Check out some of the shortlisted class blogs in the edublogs awards

c. Write a post on one of the topics below

  1. Everything you ever wanted to know about  student roles in the class blog!
  2. Design a check list sheet for an apprentice blogger through to a graduate blogger. Insert into a post.
  3. Create a certificate awarding the student with a license – sharing the steps and skills developed from being an  apprentice blogger through to an independent student blogger.
  4. Check out the class blogs that were shortlisted for the edublogs awards. Name and describe any of these blogs where you find evidence of students writing posts.  Comment on and discuss its impact for the reader and any other notable features.
  5. A Tale of Group Blogs – Find a blog that has a number of authors (could be educational or non-educational) and discuss the blog’s effectiveness.

d.  Add a comment back here with your completed blog post’s url

e. Add the tags #ebshare and #ksyb to your post

f. Comment back on at least two other bloggers’ posts in this challenge

Extension activity

Design a badge for an apprentice blogger and a badge for the graduate. Addto a post or the sidebar of your blog.


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