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More blog posts to read relating to blogging with student activities. As many of the activities relate to actually doing something with a class blog, there have not been as many reflective type posts.

Creating and using class and student blogs

Kathleen, Janelle, Malyn, Anne,


Google docs – Mrs Krebs, Widgets and bling – Penny,

New bloggers

Drawn to Art, Ms Z, Ellen and students, Charles, Mrs Powell and students, Deb and her students, Mike, Heather and her students, Ben and PE, Miss Goodey and students, Ale – student of Ellen,

Ideas from visiting other participants

Sheri, Ruary, Mrs Allen, Penny, Marsha, Mr Carson,

Staying safe with social media

Jennifer, Scott,

Promoting your blog and parents

Penny, Sheri, Rorey, Marsha, Janelle, Kathleen,


Mrs W and Mrs M, Serge, Janelle, Tracy, Mrs W, Jana, Sheri,


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  1. Thanks for the link to our blog!

    We’re trying really hard to get our blog out there, and to get more visitors, and for them to leave comments!!

    So thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning our class in your post! My class is very excited about blogging! Looking forward to learning more in your teacher challenges! Thank you for your ideas and suggestions to make blogging more meaningful!
    Kim Powell

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog and how proud I am of my student, Ale. Actually, four others of my students are currently writing a Slice of Life post every day, Erandi, Moc, Ale and Pau.

    This is the first time my students have ever blogged, and I just learned how to do so the right way in January with the first Teacher Challenge.

    Blogging is a powerful tool, especially for a writing class. This week in class we finally put our heads together to reduce the 57 blogging guidelines students had written to our new page. Please visit http://writingcu.wordpress.com

    Once again, thanks for mentioning us. I can do this…Ellen

  4. Thanks for the shout out. I am pretty proud of some of their six word memoirs. We have been writing and commenting on Fridays–but this week, I was so busy I didn’t get something up for them to comment on. Boy! Did I hear about it. I think we will move on to student posts.