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OK, time to get back into the swing of finding some great blogs for the readers to visit. These are the ones I have found while reading comments on the teacher challenge blog and from following trackbacks and pingbacks from other posts.

30 days to blog with students

Beginning a class blog

MrsJ, Janelle, Serge, Andrew, Cheezy, Marsha, Rorey, MissT, MrsA, Colby, Jana, MrCarson, Malyn,

Blogging guidelines

MrsJ, Janelle, 2KM&2KJ, MrsW,

Interesting posts to read

Janelle, 42Bloggers, Mr Krupp, Year7, Krebs’, Sarajo,

Teacher blogging challenge

Ben, Heather, MrsM, Dinah, Elfie, Bev,


Remember if you and your students want to connect with other classes and students around the world, register at the March Student Blogging Challenge. We are also looking for commenters to visit about 25 student blogs at least three times in ten weeks to leave comments.


Original image: ‘Joey and April working on their keyboarding skills
by: Michael Surran

Released under an Attribution-ShareAlike License


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  1. Sorry, I’m late. I can’t get the spam words to work in the discussion area. I’ve been trying to sign up for this part of the challenge — to get my class blog ready for my students. I’ve tried four times in the last two weeks to add to the discussion. Here’s the most recent trial:

    “I wrote a reply here two weeks ago, but it disappeared when I hit reply. I’m trying again today, and hopefully I can keep up. This is important to me to help my students become better writers and thinkers by interacting with others to learn global citizenship as well as better writing. I learned much from reading the blogs and expectations of Denise Krebs and Mrs W. I’ve also stumbled upon this blog by Marsha Ratzel: teaching techie which is helping me fine-tune my assignments and expectations.

    I look forward to sharing with you.

    What Else Teacher Blog to Students
    Class Blog

    • I’m glad someone else has trouble with the anti-spam words. I really don’t understand the problem. Sometimes I can reply to other blogs,but it has been a long time since I have been able to reply on the teacher challenge site