Posts of the week – Visit these blogs – Week 4

As we have people still taking part in the earlier challenges of #ksyb, I will continue to create one of these posts for the next couple of weeks.

If you have been taking part in the whole challenge and have not yet been mentioned in these ‘Posts of the Week’ please leave a comment on this post with the URL of your blog, so I can come and visit.

Early challenges

Leslie, Sheri, Ashley, Bev, Leslie, Mme E, atahamon, Collette,

Interesting posts

Trevor, Leslie, Tracy, Malyn, Nancy, Melissa, Sheri, Coach H, Heather, Shawn,

Widgets and sidebar

Kim, Michael, Janelle, Carol, Sarno, Tracey, Kevin, Jee, Ms B, Laurie, Kirby, Denise, Kay, Kathy, Reba,

Adding media

Rorey, Mr Carson, Jane, Beth, Sheri, Jee, Serge,

Building readership

Christy, Mr Carson, Kim, Malyn, Britt, Anna, Theresa, Janelle, Lydia, Glenda, Kathryn,

Value from teacher challenge

Denise, Anna,

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