Posts of the week – Visit these blogs – Week 4

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As we have people still taking part in the earlier challenges of #ksyb, I will continue to create one of these posts for the next couple of weeks.

If you have been taking part in the whole challenge and have not yet been mentioned in these ‘Posts of the Week’ please leave a comment on this post with the URL of your blog, so I can come and visit.

Early challenges

Leslie, Sheri, Ashley, Bev, Leslie, Mme E, atahamon, Collette,

Interesting posts

Trevor, Leslie, Tracy, Malyn, Nancy, Melissa, Sheri, Coach H, Heather, Shawn,

Widgets and sidebar

Kim, Michael, Janelle, Carol, Sarno, Tracey, Kevin, Jee, Ms B, Laurie, Kirby, Denise, Kay, Kathy, Reba,

Adding media

Rorey, Mr Carson, Jane, Beth, Sheri, Jee, Serge,

Building readership

Christy, Mr Carson, Kim, Malyn, Britt, Anna, Theresa, Janelle, Lydia, Glenda, Kathryn,

Value from teacher challenge

Denise, Anna,

12 thoughts on “Posts of the week – Visit these blogs – Week 4

  1. Thank you for the pingback! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and was excited to find all kinds of great tools to use for myself and my students. I’ve bookmarked a few in my Livebinders site – would be happy to share! Please edit/add wherever you see fit!


    Photo enhancers:



    Creative Commons:

  2. I must admit to feeling overwhelmed. I thought I was reasonably conversant with the web but this challenge has shown me that I am a mere babe in the woods. However, I will perservere. I know that with me it is very much practice, practice and more practice and it means committing to doing the challenge daily so that blogging becomes a habit and its ways familiar.

    • I think most of us have felt overwhelmed at some point during this challenge. Thank you for your honesty. Don’t give up! I have learned so much from this challenge even though my head felt like it was going to explode at times. All effort, even what may feel like failed effort, makes us stronger. We learn something every time.

  3. I really enjoy the post round up. I like to read through others posts, comments, and visit others blogs. I have found some really great content out there and have continued to be inspired to create more content on my own site. The post round up also helps when I fall a bit behind like I am right now.

  4. Hi Sue,
    I really appreciate your great efforts to pull up the web competence of non-technical people like me and my colleages. You know how it happens: you start realising that you need a personal place to communicate with your students, you even have some ideas on the layout and a lot of content. But where and how to arrange it – that’s the question… And you are so busy all the time! Theacher Challenge has been everything in one can this month.
    I could’t follow the challenges in full, because it was very busy time for me, and mostly tried doing the technical things instead of being active in writing posts and content. I wonder if the Challenges materials will be available later as I am determined to keep up working with them.
    Again, thanks to your team and to the co-students whose wonderful blogs I’ve visited.

  5. I am still finishing up all the beginning activities, but I want to say that I agree with Mr DCarson. I want to thank you for the mentions in this week “Visit these blogs”. From my participation in this challenge I have a better understanding of how to develop an effective blog.
    As I stated before, I was confident enough to start a blogging challenge at our school. Whew… And now I have a great admiration for the design of this challenge and guided support you had in place for us throughout this learning experience.

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