Kick Start Your Blog – Advanced Activity 8 – Promote that Blog!

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Over the last 30 days, we have built a blog- one that has a heart, brain, muscles, nerves, legs, bling and now it is ready to fly.  (Well perhaps run might do!) Bloggers like to have readers. Building readership takes time, experience and a lot of active networking.

Questions for reflection

Why are readers of our blog important? How can we build readership? How can we stay networked? How can the conversations continue? Why has this challenge been important to you and your blog? What impact has it had? What worked well and why?

Build Blog Readership

Build Blog Readership

Make sure you read:-

Challenges for Activity #8 – Building Readership

Write a post on your choice of the following:-

  1. 5 to 10 ways to promote your blog
  2. Write a post on “All things  or Anything Twitter “. Share your favourite hashtags, your lists and  your twitter handles (usernames). (Twitter  is increasingly becoming a great networking tool.)
  3. My top 5 to 10 networking sites – with a brief explanation of best use. Use hyperlinks where possible or image hotspots.
  4. Blogging – A Recipe for Success
  5. Choose at least 5 terms from the wordle above and explain how they relate to building blogging readership.
  6. Your choice of topic on building blog readership.
  7. Add appropriate tags and categories, including #ksyb
  8. Find at least 5 other blog posts on this topic and leave a comment, include the url back to your blog post.
  9. Find 3 beginner bloggers and comment back on their post.

Extension Activity

  1. Write a second post, choosing a different topic from the above options.
  2. Interview a winning or best selling blogger on their secrets to success. Make a podcast or write a post
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53 thoughts on “Kick Start Your Blog – Advanced Activity 8 – Promote that Blog!

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  2. This activity has made me really reflect on my blogging experience. It’s a personal approach and as my post Reader, you are important to me explains, I have a paradoxical relationship with my readers. If I just think of my readers, I’ll be too paralysed to write anything. Read up on how I managed to resolve this.


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  5. I had my third snow day in a row, so I had a little time on my hands. Here is my extension activity. Please visit my post Hotdish Blog. It’s a very tasty blog. I also added an assessment for students with all the things we learned.

    -Mrs. Berry

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  7. As a beginning blogger, I will be happy to first work on feeling comfortable using my blogs with my students via blogroll as a captive readership. Once I get the routine down, I plan to promote my blog by joining special interest blogs, joining Twitter, subscribing to and commenting on others’ blogs, adding my blog URL to my email signature and Facebook wall. That will keep me busy for a while.
    Of course, with this type of Challenge we can really create a community, so I plan to sign up for the next one! Kudos to us all!
    I can do this….Ellen

    • You can do this, Ellen and you have. Great to read this comment and your approaches to building readership. All the best and see you around the challenges or on twitter.

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    • Hey Shawn, I hope you are not leaving us, your old friends but this is indeed the start of continuing our networks, sharing and learning from each other. Great to have you as part of the challenge.

      • Hi Anne,

        I am not leaving you. (Sniff. Gee, that sounds melodramatic.) However, I do not have a class and students since I am a substitute teacher. The next Teacher Challenge sounds great but I likely won’t be able to use it.

        I will be lurking though and maybe I’ll do an actiivity or two. I will also use #ksyb to continue sharing the posts I make in my blogs and to retweet blogging advice in Twitter.

        Additionally, I follow everyone’s blog in my RSS feed.

        For those who are interested I am @stefras on Twitter.

        Keep blogging,

        • Hi again,

          I would be interested in the PLN Challenge. Contact me on my professional blog when it is about to start.

          Also, for the Student Blogging Challenge, refer to George Couros’s Creating a WordPress Portfolio. He set up a principal’s portfolio for himself and a student portfolio for each student in his school. This student portfolio is mobile and can follow the student throughout life wherever the student goes.

          Thank you,

  10. I have learned so much in this challenge but I still have so many questions. I will be looking up many of the PLN blogs for inspiration. Thanks to Sue Wyatt, Sue Waters, Anne Mirtschin and my mentor Pam Thompson for fantastic organisation and support. I feel fairly confident now about setting up our school blog.
    Here is my post on ‘Building Readership’
    Why should I come back to your Blog?

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  12. 5 to 10 ways to promote your blog: I run Google analytics and Webmaster tools on my blog. These are free services for Google users and the wealth of information they give is fantastic. My blog is visited by over 40 countries, I have an average of 2 pages per visit, 9 google reader subscribers, and a daily visit rate of 20 people. I know how and why people are coming to my blog. I can see what drove them there and what they are searching for. I try to create posts to reach those people and then post to attract new subscribers. I try to link and make comments on others blogs and youtube channels and I look for links back to my blog. Blogging is work and the work can be addicting and gratifying. Try using these tools and see what you can learn.

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  18. I have taken a lot of time to try and make my blog more interesting and more creative. I’ve added new widgets and embedded very cool media.

    Check it out!

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