Kick Start Activity 3 (Advanced) – Add Some Muscle to your Blog

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Thanks to everyone for the great posts so far. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and sharing, so please take time to read others’ posts and continue to add comments. It is not too late to start the challenge – either start with this one or complete the two previous ones, commenting back on each challenge with your blog post link.

The third challenge looks at pages. Pages add extra depth, resources and information. They can be likened to muscles -as they give power, flexibility and weight to the blog. Individual blog statistics  show that the  ”About Me” page  ranks high in the most visited posts/sites of a blog. People are curious about the blogger, want to know more about them, ensure they are worth following, networking with, returning to visit and that they are indeed valid experts etc. Bloggers need to consider the issues of transparency vs privacy ie how much information should be  divulged on their “About Me” page compared with how much information the reader needs.

About Me in a Collage

About Me in a Collage

Let’s start spring cleaning and build those muscles!

Spend some time looking at  your “About Me Page”.  How effective is it? Keeping in mind the characteristics of an effective post, what could you add to make it more informative, resourceful etc?  What other pages could be added eg a class blog could have a cyber safety page, a code of conduct page, a page for parent information etc?

Tasks for the #3 challenge:-

  1. Look for some “About Me” pages on blogs.
  2. Add your ideas to a shared google document  Pages in Blogs (or scroll down to the bottom of this post for the document). Together we can  build a valuable resource for both participants and other interested parties.  Add your ideas for class/teacher/personal  blog pages and possible content.
  3. Give your “About Me’ page a spring clean or if you do not have one, add an “About Me” page. For any help required, check out the current  beginners challenge on blog pages.
  4. Add at least one other page to your blog.  Insert some information.
  5. Write a post  “Before and After the Spring Clean” including  justification for your changes or write a post on “Features of an effective About Me page” or if time were no problem, what would you do with an About Me Page. Include the tag #ksyb and any other you see as appropriate.
  6. Add a comment back on this blog post and include the link to your post.
  7. Find at least 5 other blog posts in challenge #3 and add a quality comment. Respond to those who comment on your blog post.

Extension Activity

Goto and register (or use other mind mapping tool). Login to, start brainstorming, add bubbles and label the bubbles with the names of your pages and typical content on the pages. The home bubble should bear the name of your blog. Add further bubbles as required. Save your mindmap, grab the code and embed that code back into your blog. See below  a very basic mind map of  the Teacher Challenge blog using

Teacher Challenge Blog in Bubbles

Any feedback and further ideas are welcomed!

Below is the google document for sharing:-

133 thoughts on “Kick Start Activity 3 (Advanced) – Add Some Muscle to your Blog

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  2. I spring cleaned my about page and changed it a bit. I added a frequently asked page. Finally, did a post about my about page. I still haven’t figured out how to atomatically link my links in this posting area. So I added the links at the bottom. I am still working on the bubbles.

    -Mrs. Berry

    • Hi Christy I cheat with the links. I have a draft blog post that I open. I pretend I am writing a blog post, add the text, highlight it and then link to the url. Then I go to the html tab of the post and copy the code and add that back here on a comment. I do this, as I keep making mistakes with spaces etc. Did you see the link in the edublogger telling you how to do this?

      • I tried to follow your link but it didn’t work. Thank your helping. I just need a little bit more. I also tried in word to add a hyperlink; however, it looked great in word but it didn’t transfer over. What am I doing wrong.

        -Mrs. Berry

        • Christy
          Murcha’s idea is an excellent one.
          1.Open up a draft post in visual.
          2.Write the words you want to appear as the link.
          3.Highlight them and press button link and add in the url for the post you want to link in a comment.
          4.Then flip over to HTML and copy.
          5.Go to the place where you are making the comment. Example here!
          Write your comment and where you want the link to appear, and paste.
          I was having trouble like you, got it right in 2nd challenge but made huge mess of it in this challenge. See my attempts below further down, Embarrassing!!!
          But note my success above. Murcha’s way is really cool!

  3. I just have to share one pretty exciting thing that I’ve put to work which I learned from participating in this challenge. In reading through the blogs on my Reader this morning, one of them mentioned the importance of play. I had just written a post about the need for play in a middle school science context over this past weekend.

    I wanted to leave a comment and now I know how to link back to my post even when it doesn’t have the link button. Using the skills from Sue Water’s post, I successfully inserted the HTML into the comment and sure enough it linked to the post. Woo hoo!!!!!

    Thanks to all of you who let me practice in the comments box on your blog because I couldn’t have done this without practice first. If you want to see my comment with it’s post, you can find it here. It works…amazing

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  6. Looking for some feedback to help me with my Spring Cleaning. Please have a look @ my post.

    I think the challenges this week are great, and I hope I find some time to update my about page. I will definately be visiting many blogs to comment. Happy Cleaning Folks!

    • Kathryn,
      When you look at the HTML code from, is there a width and height with a number after it in pixels? If there is that is what you need to change so the width is about 450-480 pixels. It should then fit in your blog column.

      To check, make sure you are in HTML editor in your post dashboard. When adding HTML, you publish directly – don’t go back to visual editor or add tags and categories. Have everything else done, before adding the HTML code for embedding videos or things like toondoo or Google Docs or etc

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  8. Greetings,
    Here is my attempt and blog about using the bubbles. Please let me know what you think, without popping my bubble:
    Bubble Bubbles Are Everywhere To Pop

    -Mrs. Berry

  9. I am really enjoying the challange and reading your comments. I currently have links on my blog to a website and my youtube channel. Running Google anylitics I can see that my blog gets a lot of traffic from YouTube and vice versa. I do have a question for the group. I can’t seem to figue out how to hyperlink information in the comment section to my blog. Please feel free to drop me an email or comment back to my blog to help me. Thanks

    • How interesting that the other online sites that you have joined eg youtube drive traffic back to your blog. It certainly shows the power of networking in many different ways.

    • Loved your “about me” page. The digital photo of you at the top is very engaging. The tone of the page is very personal and warm. Loved the pictures, got a little overwhelmed with the amount of text, but it’s late and my eyes are tired. I feel like you are someone I would enjoy meeting in person.

    • I like it! One constructive criticism I would have is the picture at the beginning- very cute, but the explanation of where it comes from kinda kills the momentum as the reader starts reading your page. Maybe that pic should be at the bottom, or use an asterisk or smaller blogspot caption. Good job.

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  11. Here I am! All the way down at the bottom of the comments page! I hope someone reads this… Good activity.
    Is it gauche for me to thank people here for all the wonderful comments they’ve been leaving on my blog since we started this challenge? I just have not been able to respond to everyone. I appreciate all of your thoughts and suggestions.
    Here’s my All About Me post. Enjoy?!

  12. I rehabbed my “About Me” Page in a few ways (I’m gonna comment on that here and just post a link to the page):

    -I made my email address a link rather than just text, ’cause that makes it easier if someone wants to contact me.
    -I put a fun picture up.
    -I made links to recent presentations, because I am interested in seeing if more of them might be in the cards…

    Here it is:

    I already have a few other pages and though I am thinking about how to optimize those spaces, I am going to leave them as is for now.

  13. Okay, I must fall somewhere between Beginner and Advanced. Intermediate, maybe? I say this because until this Challenge, I wasn’t completely aware of pages. At least not in or, anyway. I use iWeb on my MacBook Pro for my Research website and it automatically sets up your blog with pages so I didn’t really think about it. (Thank you, Mac!)

    Well, I went back to the beginner challenge to figure out how to make the page in about, and then (even more challenging) how to make it appear in my sidebar! But I got it figured out, started working the widgets and even added some links.

    Please come over to My About Page and give me some feedback about using 3rd person to write the content as opposed to 1st person. The reason I decided to use 3rd person is discussed in my lastest post All About Pages. I checked out the Google doc and there’s lots of good information there. I can’t wait to read some of your blogs to see what ya’ll came up with!

    Andrea (Ms. Nichols)

    • I have felt like an intermediate also. During the post challenge, I already knew all the beginner posting information, but I didn’t have enough posts to fully complete the advanced challenge.

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  16. Oh WOW, I tried out a new tool in my about page. I had created a Powerpoint for the GlobalEd conference last year about the student blogging challenge. I have now uploaded to slideshare (my first time doing that) and I embedded it on my about page here.

  17. Hi,

    When I first looked at this post I thought ‘Oh, I have already done this.’ But then I realised that there was still more I could do.

    I was quite happy with my “About me” as it looks back on my journey and how I got to be a blogger. What I did need to do was update it for this year!

    Instead of playing with my ‘About Page’ too much I decided to add a ‘Contacts Page’ to it instead. I made this a ‘child’ page of my ‘About Blog.’

    Check out how I did this here


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    • Hi Emil, here is the link to your post as it was not provided in the comment. Hope everyone realises that you can click on the hyperlinked Emil Harden (name of blogger) and it will take you to the blog. Then you may have to search around for a while to find the actual post.

  19. Ahem… I posted my reply in the Beginner area by mistake. Here it is (was): ” I already had an About Me page, but it needed a bit of spring cleaning. When I go to people’s blogs, I like to find out as much as possible about both what they do and who they are. So I put some personal stuff into my About Me page, even some photos of my family. Here is the link:
    In the meantime I have had an idea: how about creating a “retrospective” page for each year of blogging, with links of course? I am writing a post on my 2010 blogging activities, I might post it as a page as well.

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  21. Wow, what an interesting challenge about Pages. Reading through the importance of pages made me realise that my original, brief, “About Me” page was hard to see because of the theme layout I had chosen.
    This forced me to choose a new theme and layout.
    But I have spruced up my “About Me” and have added a “My Web Presence”.

    P.S. Still trying to work out how to link within comments without the whole URL. Sorry. Any hints? Just in case the above doesn’t work, my three links are below.

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